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Stripped (Digital Download)

Stripped (Digital Download)

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The Stripped album features a selection of songs from our catalog re-arranged and re-recorded in a, well, more stripped down fashion! A focus on our two voices, guitars, drums, and piano.

Track Listing:

1. Keeping Up With The Joneses (Stripped)
2. Let's Get Sad (Stripped)
3. All My Friends (Stripped)
4. Well, That Was A Mistake (Stripped)
5. Holding Patterns (Stripped)
6. Know Me (Stripped)
7. Make It Better (Stripped)
8. Same Old (Stripped)
9. Heading South (Stripped)
10. What Do You Want From Me? (Stripped)
11. Make You smile (Stripped)
12. Valleys and Peaks (Stripped)

Download includes a zipped file with 12 high quality wav files and a jpeg of the album artwork. 

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